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Sunday, 19 January 2003

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1546 - Comments here and there

The Illinois commutations: ex-Governor Ryan slapped the victims' families, the jurors, the prosecutors, and the voters of Illinois in the face with his mass commutation of death sentences. With the stroke of a pen, he overturned a lot of hard work on the part of a lot of people, and told a lot of families he just didn't care about their suffering. Further, he cravenly did it on the last day he was in office, thereby guaranteeing he would not suffer any consequences for his actions.

SUVs: An article at neatly destroys the argument that SUV drivers are supporting terrorism, somehow. Of course it's ridiculous to any rational thinker, and of course the tree-hugging left will ignore it as they ignore all appeals to reason, but the rest of us can learn from the argument. Meanwhile, mine happily continues to perform the multiple roles I need, hauling both people and stuff with equal aplomb. Just a little while ago, it carried home an assembled treadmill from the store where we bought it (a floor model), something that would have been very difficult with a politically correct car.

Taxes: From a little more than a week ago, an article on Sean Hannity's website explains why tax cuts will inevitably "favor the wealthy". In short, the wealthy pay more to begin with, so they should get more back when taxes are cut.

Rev. Al Sharpton: Well, if nothing else, that he's running for President now allows the rest of the country to see just what a dangerous kook of a demagogue he really is.

Iraq: Come on, folks. Is there anyone out there who seriously believes that Saddam Hussein is in total compliance with the terms of his surrender? Or even in total compliance about not having any weapons of mass destruction? Is anyone that seriously deluded? If not, then why should we allow him to continue to give the world the finger?

Colds: Colds suck.

Travel: The TSA is actually taking steps to improve the travel experience and lessen the violations of privacy that travelers have had to put up with. I never thought I'd be in favor of a government agency doing that job, but I have to give them credit. If they continue to improve real security and lower the bullshit level, travel will pick up faster than if anything else were done.

Scranton: Hopefully, I won't be totally bored there this coming week when I'm not working.

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On the SUV thing:

This, of course, is fringe vs. fringe, and ignores the nice firm middle ground of reality that at lot of people (like myself) actually stand on. But that seems to be the way things go in politics; people are too busy being right to actually listen to a reasonable solution to address both sides' concerns.

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