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Saturday, 27 September 2008

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0858 - Retiring an old friend

When I first took a job 8 years ago that would require a fair amount of travel, I bought a Zero Halliburton Z5 computer briefcase, in gunmetal gray. Since then, it's gone to Europe, the Dominican Republic, and all over the US with me. It's picked up a bunch of scratches, scrapes, and dings over the years, and it's outlasted two laptops (and the third is getting a little long in the tooth), but it still does the job.

Until now, that is. It's no fault of the case itself - I think it'd probably last another 20 years or so - but rather the ever-changing TSA that leads me to switch. When I got home late last night, there was a new checkpoint-friendly soft-sided briefcase waiting for me. I just moved everything out of the Halliburton into it.

It'll definitely make dealing with the ^&^&$#$%^#^*&(* TSA easier...but I'll miss the old one. Strangely enough, my next trip is one where it probably won't make much difference, at least on the return...but that's a subject for another post.

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I can understand if TSA might have a problem with the CONTENTS of a briefcase.... but the briefcase itself? What's the problem?

I am used to having to take my laptop out of my bag at security screening checkpoints...

I'm used to them rescreening my bag because it's full of cables and gadgets....

But THIS week, I was asked to take a swig out of the antique leather hipflask that I carry when I travel...

...the most enjoyable security screening I've ever had!
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Re: Okaayyyy...

It's not that the TSA has a problem; it's just that dealing with them with the old briefcase has become a major pain.

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