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Retiring an old friend

When I first took a job 8 years ago that would require a fair amount of travel, I bought a Zero Halliburton Z5 computer briefcase, in gunmetal gray. Since then, it's gone to Europe, the Dominican Republic, and all over the US with me. It's picked up a bunch of scratches, scrapes, and dings over the years, and it's outlasted two laptops (and the third is getting a little long in the tooth), but it still does the job.

Until now, that is. It's no fault of the case itself - I think it'd probably last another 20 years or so - but rather the ever-changing TSA that leads me to switch. When I got home late last night, there was a new checkpoint-friendly soft-sided briefcase waiting for me. I just moved everything out of the Halliburton into it.

It'll definitely make dealing with the ^&^&$#$%^#^*&(* TSA easier...but I'll miss the old one. Strangely enough, my next trip is one where it probably won't make much difference, at least on the return...but that's a subject for another post.

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