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Monday, 20 January 2003

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0706 - Can XM Put Radio Back Together Again?

An in-depth article in today's Washington Post goes into great detail about the prospects for XM Satellite Radio's future, and just what makes it different from FM.

One quote from program director Lee Abrams summed up what's wrong with FM:

Worse, his signature album-oriented-rock format was dying.

"It shot itself in the foot with over-research," Abrams wrote in an e-mail for this story. It forgot "the roots, the foundation, the natural audience's needs, missing the whole point."

Yup. The crap we hear on FM has exactly that problem. Now, where have we heard that before?

I'm going to enjoy some really good rock on XM on the drive to Minneapolis this morning. I wish I could on the way from Newark to Scranton this evening. Maybe some day I will...

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You know how sometimes when you sign up for something and there's these survey questions on there, and one of 'em asks you to check off the kinds of music you listen to? I never check any of those. I don't think of what I like in terms of genre. There's a little good stuff, and lots of crap, in every genre.

And they never have a box marked "non-crap"!

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