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Lots of traveling.

This week was the second week of what is turning out to be a continuous six weeks of travel. It was supposed to be a week in Scranton, installing and training the users on a new system. Unfortunately, the customer wasn't as ready as they thought, so I got to drive up to New York to see the same customer that we spent so much effort on the previous week. This time, things went better. It's been a long week anyway.

The trip I thought I was going to make next week got cancelled, so I thought I was going to get to spend next week at home. No such luck: I get to make a fast service call to Silver Spring, Maryland. Fly into DCA (Reagan National, Washington, DC) Monday evening, and out Tuesday morning. Only (!) two days shot.

The week after that, it looks like I'm going back to Scranton. Then Jacksonville, Florida the next week, Philadelphia the next week, Dallas the week after that, and probably Detroit the week after that. Whee.

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