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Thursday, 16 October 2008

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0801 - Interview with a plumber

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Utter dishonesty.

Except that he was a McCain supporter. Did he ever claim to be otherwise? Obama came walking down his street at random and was getting nothing but fawning softball questions, so he decided to get a real question out there. Is that so wrong?

He moved to his state 5 years ago, and it takes over 5 years to get a plumbing license in that state. He had been a plumber in other states for over 10 years and he's been working under his boss's license for 5 years while going to school and is on the verge of getting his Master Plumber license. Once he did that, he was going to buy the business from his boss, hence the question. Don't get me started on how we managed to get a ridiculous, throwback guild system in the US. Didn't those things go obsolete at the end of feudalism?

He owes $1100 in taxes. He didn't actually know that he owed that as he was sent no notice. He thanked the media recently for bringing it to his attention and he is paying it off over the next few months.

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