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Friday, 17 October 2008

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0840 - Obama, Joe the plumber, and the gospel of envy

If you don't think Obama's espousing the gospel of envy, and that, far from being "change we need", it's an old, old line, Power Line blogger Scott Johnson lays out the case in this Christian Science Monitor column.

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On a completely unrelated note....

I'm sorry it took so long to get done, but I finally got Tron Tiger finished. Hope you like it:

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Very nice. Thanks!
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I love Bill Parcells response to reporters when they continued to speculate on the record his team could have had if they won a few of the close games, suggesting that the team was better than what the record showed. "You're exactly as good as the standings say you are."

This applies to what you're paid as well. You're worth, in the market, is exactly what you get paid. The idea that if you tax those who make >$200,000 at an unequal rate will somehow remove some burden from the middle and lower middle class is short sighted.

The people who Obama's tax plan attacks financially (that's what it is, you'd call it the same if they taxed lower middle class that rate), are valuable enough in the work force that they don't have to just accept losing that portion of income. They have the means to increase personal gains through different mediums that don't necessarily involve increased work effort or hours. Not a small portion of which would effect those below them or those who require their product or service.

The steal from the rich and give to the poor tax plan is as transparent ploy for vote grabbing as McCain appointing Palin vice president. You can't blame either, because they're doing what they have to do to win - and winning is the most important part - but you can realize that both decisions are done strictly for that end, and neither would be beneficial for the country.

You can either buck up and work harder for what you perceive yourself as deserving, or you can attempt to increase your own standard of living by trying to lower those above you. But if you choose the later, you will never win that game short of full blown communism. Just like you won't get an upper hand on an NBA player in a game of 21, you won't get the upper hand on the professionals of money making.

And the idea that having more money makes you a less ethical person, is simply a coping mechanism for envy. Income doesn't change the rich for the worse, any more so than it changes the impoverished for the better.
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this is creepy.. my husbands name is Scott Johnson

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