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Friday, 17 October 2008

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1320 - Outdated little plaque

This little plaque has been sitting on display in our living room for the past several years...

It's obsolete. The Obama campaign, and the Left in general, has succeeded in making it a sin to be rich, and if the election goes as I fear, it'll be a miracle too.

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Its not a sin to be rich, its a sin to be greedy.
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The problem, in the eyes of the Left, is that the two are synonymous except for the rich folks like George Soros who spend all their money on leftist causes.
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And of course, "being greedy" equates to: feeling it's unfair that a certain candidate's tax plan obviously hurts you way more than everyone else. And being charitable means supporting a man who obviously wishes to tax a social class unfairly so you don't have to pull your own weight.

Sadly, that plaque will apply more and more every day with a liberal super majority - just wait til the universal health care comes knockin'.

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