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Left-wing moonbattery: an example from my friends list

kinkyturtle, who was once a reasonable person able to separate politics from friendship, posted a rant that's typical of the moonbattery that the Left has spewed for the past 8 years. I'm not going to spend time on dissecting the outright kookiness of it - it almost parodies itself - except for one point:

"It seems like they're hoping some nut will assassinate him."

No. I, for one, am not. There would be two problems:
1) Saint Obama would be immediately canonized as a martyr to the Leftist cause.
2) We'd have Joe Biden the plagiarist as president.

We've taken entirely too long as it is to shake off the influence of Saint JFK. We don't need another one.

The best case if Obama's elected - and it's a nightmare, but the least horrible of the possibilities - is that his socialist policies are rammed through an unyielding Congress and inflicted on the folks who are actually making America's economy work, they have the effects that anyone with half a brain and half a sense of history would predict, and the country realizes that socialism has never worked, cannot work, and cannot be made to work, and repudiates it for all time. Unfortunately, it'll take a minimum of two years of rising unemployment and the economy in the gutter before we have an opportunity to change it.
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