Stealing the election, ACORN style - Jay Maynard

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Monday, 3 November 2008

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0716 - Stealing the election, ACORN style

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How do we know that's all that's happening? We don't.

So let's pretend it is? Do you understand how the voter registration process works? Any and all suspicious registrations would've been discarded. Anyone showing up to vote without proper identification who isn't listed on the rolls isn't going to be allowed to vote.

ACORN has filed thousands upon thousands of fraudulent and illegal voter registration forms

You mean these?

About 200,000 newly registered Ohio voters have been flagged by the secretary of state because their names, addresses, driver's-license numbers, and/or Social Security numbers don't match other state or federal records.

Looks like they were well aware of this last month and that something was done about them then. The rest is just utter paranoia on your part at this point.

As for the "clerical error", that sounds like a perfect excuse.

Uh, well, actually:

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The Philadelphia district attorney's office says it has restored about a half-dozen Republican election observers who were kicked out of polling places.

Spokeswoman Cathie Abookire said Tuesday that the partisan disputes were compounded by a misunderstanding about the rules that govern certified election observers.

And that's all we know at this point. You can speculate all you want about it, but it just kind of makes you look foolish.

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