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Saturday, 1 February 2003

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1740 - Another spaceflight tragedy

Once again, the United States has lost a shuttle and its crew in flight. I can't say just how sorry I am for the families and friends of the astronauts who died 200,000 feet over Dallas this morning.

As with the Challenger accident 17 years ago this past week, though, we must figure out what went wrong, take steps to see that it does not happen again, and then get on with the job: building the International Space Station, and then going on to explore ever further into space. To allow this loss to end our presence in space would be an even greater tragedy. Further, it's what the astronaut corps tells us it wants whenever the subject comes up; I've personally been told that by the astronauts I've spoken to.

During the hiatus after the Challenger accident, it was widely believed that another accident would be the end of the space program. I hope this won't be the case. That would be the one memorial the Columbia crew would not want.

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