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One bit of preparation for a leftist government

One thing I'm absolutely certain of: the incoming Federal government will do its dead level best to gut the Second Amendment. In particular, I see a revival of the ugly gun ban as one of the first items on the agenda.

I've just placed an order for 10 30-round magazines for the AR-15 rifle. I'm also going to build up at least one, and maybe two, AR-15s themselves. If I get it done before Congress revives the ugly gun ban, I'll have weapons I can legally own, even after the ban passes.

To those of you reading this who came here looking for geeky stuff, I'll point out that you can geek out over guns just as much as you can over computers or anything else. They're interesting machines, and there are details that need to be right in order for the gun to function well, accurately, and reliably. (Yes, I've said in the past that making a gun is extraordinarily simple, and I stand behind that; it's the difference between "works" and "works well" that's important here, as it is in lots of other fields.)

I plan to use all of the features I can that piss off the gun grabbers: bayonet lugs, flash hiders, bipods, pistol grips, and so on. My goal is a weapon usable in combat, with the features that make that use both practical and optimal. The antis won't like that. Too damned bad.

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