Jay Maynard (jmaynard) wrote,
Jay Maynard

Had a fun time on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Today, in addition to being Veteran's Day (have you thanked a veteran for your freedoms today?), was Uncle Frank's 75th birthday. (Yes, Uncle Frank really is Jimmy Kimmel's uncle.) They've been using a running gag on the show from a "behind the scenes" bit we did in 2004 where Uncle Frank thought I was after his job. The gag tonight was that I was supposedly the celebrity guest he remembered most.

It came off pretty well. Frank's a really nice guy, and we greeted each other like long-lost buddies. The director wanted me to play it up, and I had no trouble doing that, because it's what I'd have said anyway (though maybe not quite that exuberantly).

Everyone associated with the show, even the folks who hadn't been there 4 years ago when I was doing it semi-regularly, was really happy I'd come out for the gag, and the party. I was too. I had to cut things too short to make it back in time for my red-eye flight home, but while I was there, I was a part of the family.

I tell people who ask me what it's like to work on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that I have fun doing it, and if they'd call me and ask me to go out there, I would. They did, and I did. I'd do it again, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the show on tape. I think it will play well on air.

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