In the Tank for Obama VI: The Final Insult - Jay Maynard

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

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0810 - In the Tank for Obama VI: The Final Insult

Via foolscap001: The Virginian points out the new Obama rules. Violence in Iraq shows that we're winning (and have been since June, now that the Obamessiah can't be hurt by the admission); Obama won't meet the expectations they raised; and the American public doesn't really want that tax cut after all.

Yeah, right. Hang on for a rough ride, sold by the same left-wing media that sold us the Obamessiah in the first place. To quote the Virginian: "In the future there are two rules. The first rule is that whatever Obama does is right. The second rule is that if he screws up, lies, or fails to deliver refer to rule one."

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