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Election theft, Minnesota style

The Al Franken campaign is actively trying to suborn perjury (legalese for getting someone else to lie under oath) in order to get invalid absentee ballots counted:

Mark Jeranek, who voted absentee in Beltrami County and whose ballot was rejected because he did not sign an outside envelope, said he has been approached several times by the Franken campaign asking him to sign an affidavit affirming that he did vote and that he wants his vote counted.

Jeranek, who lives in Jones Township near Bemidji, said an original affidavit sent to him by the Franken campaign indicated that Jeranek did sign the envelope. But when Jeranek approached Beltrami election officials about the issue, he came away convinced he had failed to sign the document.

"I'd like to have my vote counted, but it was my mistake, not anybody else's," he said. Jeranek said he voted for Franken but did not believe the Franken campaign knew that when it approached him.

Kay Mack, the county's auditor-treasurer and its chief election official, said she was troubled by what appeared to be an effort by the Franken campaign to challenge the rejection of the ballots without first contacting local officials. The data provided to the campaign clearly indicated that Jeranek has been rejected because he failed to sign the envelope, she said.

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