Why are the Big Three in trouble? - Jay Maynard

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

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0810 - Why are the Big Three in trouble?

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The most I ever made in one year was $62,000 and that was with every weekend of mandatory overtime and 10 hour production shifts. 600 UAW members. Multiply that by the thousands of executives who set their own pay rates.

When it comes down to it though, I don't want to punish the people, generally rich, who make money for the country. The leaders of the Big Three lately have not been doing that though. They are idiots who have insulated themselves from the real world by a cadre of Yes Men who tell them that no, the buyers don't want interesting looking cars that get good gas mileage; that they want the dumpy looking cars that we've always built and changing the fender will be good enough for them. They are paid huge amounts while the company is bleeding, making bad decision after bad decision.

Yes, the UAW worker is generally just a trained monkey making good money, but it's hard work and wouldn't even affect the cost of a car too much if they gave up half of their salary. Meanwhile, the leaders of the UAW, blue collar grunts who get elected to their positions by the mere strength of will face these sharp witted business men who are trained for years on how to get the most of negotiations, portraying the worker as some lazy slob pushing buttons in an air conditioned facility, drinking coffee and sitting in an easy chair.

The idea that I want to convey is that the auto company executives have thrown out the scape goat of the worker to appease the angry hordes. And people have accepted this idea. Don't get fooled by this. Both sides will always tell you their own sad sob story, about how terrible things are. The truth if often squarely in the middle.

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