Why are the Big Three in trouble? - Jay Maynard

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

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0810 - Why are the Big Three in trouble?

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Those republicans are often referred to as RINOs, republicans in name only. They're the ones who checked fiscal conservatism at the door when they went to washington, and depending on how you count they range from 25 to 50% of the republican party in washington. Anyone who voted for the "700bil" bailout is not only not a real fiscal conservative republican, they're not pro-freedom either. They've unleashed an all-powerful position in government allowed to buy up anything and everything that one particular individual wants to buy (Treasury secretary is now a step away from dictator. Terrible.)

As for the big 3, Bankruptcy is there for a reason. The same reason that in a capitalist systems things SHOULD be allowed to fail. Bankruptcy allows a company to shed the things that aren't working and rework their business into one that will work. Things failing cleans out the inefficiencies from the system and allows new companies that are more effective to move in and part out the bits of a company or business model that have value and trash those that are worthless.

The labor rates will go down, and you'll have a base of workers available at a discount to open up a new business. Of course, Michigan is so hostile to business that those jobs will likely never materialize without a drastic shift in leadership.
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"republicans in name only"


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