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Road-trippus interruptus

We're in a small, non-chain motel in Clear Lake, Iowa tonight, waiting for the roads to quit sucking.

Thursday morning, we flew to Merrill for Thanksgiving with vakkotaur's parents. It was a nice flight, ahead of some snow showers. We got home Friday with no problems, even despite a 25- to 30-knot headwind. Saturday, we drove to Ames for a graduation party for a friend from the Pilots of America web forum. Today, we bummed around with them a bit, then left Ames about 3:30.

We got as far as Clear Lake. The roads were getting both crowded and icy; on one overpass, a tandem-trailer FedEx Ground truck slid a little into our lane and narrowly avoided sideswiping us, and on another, we slid sideways and didn't hit anyone only because there was enough of a gap that there was nobody to hit. We got off the freeway shortly thereafter because I needed to get gas anyway, and decided that stopping for the night was probably a real good idea. We didn't try the chain hotels near the freeway, figuring they'd be filling up; instead, we drove through town, thinking there'd be another hotel. We were almost wrong. This place is on the far edge of town. OTOH, it's got high speed Internet, a good strong heater, and a nice clean room, all for $45 for the night. We didn't argue.

We had a mediocre Chinese dinner at a place whose main virtue (and, given the conditions, not one to be ignored lightly) was its location next to the hotel, and we're relaxing. We'll get up whenever we wake up and try to get home in the daytime.

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