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Another purchase in honor of the president-elect

I was in Gander Mountain buying ammunition for my Glock and happened to look at the Ruger LCP. It's little, and lightweight, but packs a bit more punch than the other pistols in its size that shoot .32, since it's .380 ACP.

I thought about it, and then went back and bought one. Haven't shot it yet, but that will happen very soon.

I don't think about buying guns under Republican administrations, because I know they understand the Second Amendment and that it's not about hunting. I've purchased 6 new guns during or immediately prior to anti-gun Democrat administrations. I'm not the only one. Gun dealers are having trouble keeping anything in stock, and ammunition dealers on the web have so much demand that they're citing 3-week lead times for shipment.

People keep telling me Obama doesn't want to take my guns, and he's got better things to do. I wish I could believe them.

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