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Sudden trip

Things have been slower than usual for my employer, and I haven't had a business trip since October. That changed in just a few hours this morning. I'm headed off to Norfolk, Virginia, for a quick install. I'll be back Friday evening late, then turn right around and head off to Houston to spend Christmas with my family there. Whee.

I needed one more rental on top of those two to keep my Executive Elite status with National Car Rental for another year, so I reserved a Cadillac DTS for the trip home Friday and back Saturday. I haven't had a DTS in a long time, and the last Cadillac I had was this past January - a brand new STS for my trip to Sebring to look at airplanes. It'll be interesting to drive that big old boat.

Unfortunately, I can't keep my WorldPerks Platinum Elite status as easily; I'm more than 20,000 elite qualifying miles short. That means that I won't get upgraded to first class as automatically as I have been these past couple of years, and won't get the 1000 mile bonus if I don't get upgraded. Oh well.

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