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Thursday, 25 December 2008

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1001 - Travel fun for Christmas

We went to Houston to visit my family for Christmas. Travel was a lot of no fun. We were supposed to fly to Houston last Saturday. After driving in a real, live, honest-to-goodness blizzard to the airport, everything was fine right up until boarding time for the flight, when we were told it had been cancelled because the crew couldn't get to MSP. We wound up on a flight to Dallas instead, and rented a car to drive to Houston.

When we got to Houston, we traded the Impala we'd gotten (as the last one-way car National had at DFW, and they were charging $188 a day for it!) for a Cadillac STS (that didn't cost me anything but fuel and taxes, thanks to free rental days), and then spent the next couple of days visiting friends and family all over southeast Texas.

We're now at Houston Intercontinental Airport, waiting for the return flight. I'm hoping the freezing drizzle forecast for southern Minnesota doesn't materialize before we get home.

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oh boo. I leave South Dakota for Texas and miss you at Siouxland. You leave for Texas and I miss you here too.

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