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%^&$%^&#%*%& TurboTax

I sent Intuit my money for TurboTax before I ever heard of their evil product activation scheme or their use of (possibly reformed) C-Dilla spyware. I've kept it, and will use it to file my taxes this year, mainly because I don't feel like throwing my money away.

The Minnesota state tax module was available this morning, finally, so I downloaded it. It turns out that it was available, but not quite ready: The module claims that form M1MT (the Minnesota alternative minimum tax form) wasn't finalized yet. I spoke to the folks at the Minnesota Department of Revenue, and they said it had been final for a while now. Armed with that answer, I went back to Intuit, and was told that the updated Minnesota module would be available next Monday. Arrrrgh.

I've got a rather substantial federal refund coming, and can't file it until they finish Minnesota...

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