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Thursday, 1 January 2009

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1510 - Long day for a good cause

I spent yesterday afternoon in the air. This flight wasn't just for fun, though...it was for a good cause. I was helping a dog get to a shelter that will help him.

Animal Rescue Flights uses volunteer general aviation pilots to transport animals from shelters where they're scheduled to be euthanized, or otherwise can't stay, to shelters that will accept and adopt them out. This flight got an Australian cattledog, Scooter, from southern Ohio to a shelter in the Twin Cities. My part of it was from La Crosse, WI to the Cities.

I left Fairmont about 1 PM yesterday and made it to La Crosse pretty quickly. When the dog arrived, I was ready. We loaded him in my airplane, a bit awkwardly, and I left. Scooter never really got comfortable, but we got to Flying Cloud Airport with no problems and met the recipient. As cold as the dog was during the flight, I was surprised to see him rolling in the snow on the ramp at FCM...

All told, it was 3.9 hours in the air for me. That's a lot of flying, but it was worth it.

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How fast does your plane cruise?
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It cruises at about 115 knots true airspeed, at altitudes up to 7500 feet (a little lower higher than that, because the engine doesn't put out quite as much power). Not bad at all for a fuel consumption of 5.8 gallons per hour.

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