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This web page doth verily suck

(Okkay, so the userpic I picked doesn't fit my usual convention for the subject. Tough.)

I was looking through Web Pages That Suck's list of the worst web pages of 2008, and ran across this gem.

The page itself (The amazing web site of Shakespeare's Sonnets) doth suck, but the commentary the submitter did add is most wondrous!

Shall I compare this to a train wreck now?
Its whole design all logic doth defy,
The text and background colors I avow,
Make train wrecks easier upon the eye,
Sometimes the text is centered on the page,
While images are upon the left arrive,
Though such design was one time all the rage,
That time, we know, was nineteen-ninety-five,
The page provides advice on how to view,
(For those who do scroll down enough to see’t),
And those, I fear, shall number very few,
Who will for long enough abide such shee’t,
But long as tools like PageMill do exist,
Web sites that suck like this will still persist.

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