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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

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0745 - Dear AIG: I quit!

For those of you who still are practicing the politics of envy over the retention bonuses at AIG (which did not enrich those who were responsible for the company's problems and which were designed to help its recovery), go read the resignation letter of one executive as published in the New York Times. Read it all the way to the end, both pages. Then tell me you're still angry, and that it has nothing to do with raw, naked, ugly jealousy. Go on. I dare you.

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The letter at US News, so it can be read without the registration hoop-jumping demanded by that big city fishwrap.
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The whole AIG bonus flap is nothing but sand being thrown into the public's eyes, to hide the real theft that's going on. (And has been going on, for about the last decade.)
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its easy to paint anyone who tries to raise issue with this as vindctive, jealous, whatever you want.

the only problem? that's not why people are mad.

read this and try again

The fact is AIGFP was the prime instigator of this entire meltdown. Even if it wasn't these guys specifically, they went to work for the company knowing this, and knowing that the company hadn't been punished. Did they really expect to get off scot-free?

Cry me a river.

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