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Circus performer quiz

Via vakkotaur:

Your result for What Circus Performer would you be?...

Dazzling Acrobat!

You scored 64 percent on Dazzling-Acrobat.

You are the acrobat. You hold yourself and others to high standards and love to get things accomplished, making yourself somewhat of a perfectionist. You are very passionate and dedicated to your passion. You have a great sense of adventure and love to try daring new things. How else would you find yourself swinging fifty feet in the air or doing amazing backflips on an elephant's back? You might be graceful, and if you're not, you're a hard-worker and very perseverant, so it makes up for your lack of grace.


Unfortunately, your talents and dedication leave you a little isolated from others. It is harder for you to make close companions, but the ones you find are totally worth it. You tend to have a few very good friends instead of many okay friends, and your friends share interests similar to your own.


Love is also important to you, but you sometimes place it second to your passion. Make sure to leave time for others. You are highly romantic and will find someone who adores you both for your strong personality and your amazing talents.


Keep dreaming, baby! Love and success are in your future.

Take What Circus Performer would you be?
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