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Travel follies

I'm typing this in a hotel in Mt. Arlington, NJ. Here's how I got here:

I was scheduled to fly from Minneapolis, to Chicago O'Hare, to Philadelphia, and then to drive up to Scranton. Got my flights changed to earlier ones in the hope that I'd actually make it. No such luck: The ORD-PHL flight was cancelled. I got rebooked on a flight to Newark, since that was still open.

When I got to Newark, I found that my luggage was still in Chicago, waiting to be sent to Philadelphia. They didn't, or couldn't, reroute it to Newark. I sighed, gave United the address of the hotel in Scranton to deliver the bag to, and hit the road. (It took Avis two tries to get me a good car; the first one had a CHECK ENGINE light, complaining about a loose gas cap - which wasn't, suggesting a leak in the fuel system.) I went by a customer's site to pick up my old Armada laptop, since my new one had croaked. I finally headed for Scranton about 10:30 PM.

By 12:30 AM, I hadn't left New Jersey yet, and was getting tired. I said "the heck with this" and grabbed a room at the first hotel I got to.

I'm not going to try to go on till tomorrow. While the restaurant next door is closed, there's a convenience store across the street that's open, and my hotel room has a microwave and a refrigerator, so I'm set. Walking to the store in a foot of snow was a new (and not pleasant) experience, but it's not one I need to repeat.

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