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No checkride tomorrow, dammit

I've been working for 6 months on earning a sport pilot flight instructor rating. The final step in the process was scheduled for tomorrow: an intense 4 hours or so of oral and flight tests with a designated examiner.

That's off now. The examiner told me she's not comfortable with flying in a Zodiac.

My schedule for the next couple of months is about to get hairy. I have no idea when, or if, I'll be able to reschedule. The examiner I've been talking to is the only one in the area who does this type of test. There's one other one in the region, up in Superior, Wisconsin; even if he's willing to do it, we'll have to schedule a time when I'll be home and not working.

I'm at a loss. I want to go smash something, but there's nothing available.

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