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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

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1956 - No checkride tomorrow, dammit

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Does she have a LSA that can be used? Alarus nearby, perchance?

As soon as I read what you wrote, I said "Oh, for pete's...."

Now, I'm not certain we're to the very bottom of this issue yet - but it is being looked at and worked on, and this is the exact same thing that goes on with any and all planes, up to and including the damn 737 with the same rudder actuator that's caused rudder reversal and crashes several times.

Additionally, having seen quite a few LSA's with.... iffy plans and construction techniques, it seems odd she's going to get squeamish over a Heinz design, with a few problems, and a *lot* of examples without that problem flying.

So, yeah, no point in twisting her arm, but I've kind of got to say I'm uncomfortable with the only person you can get this from being that squeamish - when the FAA says "Works for us".

Sorry to hear about the problem - hey, any chance you can drop Zenair a line and see if maybe they can help you out, get a DE up your way? They might know of some DE's willing to travel - and ride in a 601.
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The Alarus isn't an LSA. I could use any LSA airplane, but I'd need a minimum of 5 hours of rental to get signed off to fly it solo (insurance requirements).

I spoke to the local FAA office this morning. They're trying to drum up an examiner in Wisconsin who'd be willing to do the checkride.

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