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Monday, 18 May 2009

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0758 - The National Debt Road Trip

"Obama's planned spending makes Bush look like a coupon-clipping housewife."

Thanks to foolscap001 for pointing this one out.

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And I think Bush's spending was far too much as well.
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I was going to reply to your post, but I couldn't think of what to say. Then, as I was replying to someone else's blog post (a fellow Canuck) about American style attack ads, it dawned on me ...

Much of the campaign was spent by the Democrats saying how bad Bush was (and even spent by the Republicans distancing themselves from Bush and putting forth a revised vision of their party, a smart thing to do IMHO). This got people saying "Yeah, we didn't like Bush, so we'll vote Obama!"

But the main thing that I don't like about American style ads like this (that I mentioned in the other blog post) is that those kind of ads just say why not to vote for the other guy, not how to vote for you. It hides your party's platform. (And the Republicans do it just as much as the Democrats, I do get American TV up here and both parties just attack the other (as do their supporters) - there's a reason they're called "American style attack ads" up here, not "Democrat style attack ads", both do it). Perhaps if the Democrats were more up front what they will do, ie their spending habits (left of centre parties do have a penchant to spend - and yes I know I'm a leftist) during a recession, and the Republicans were more up front about what they will do (whatever their platform was) instead of just attacking the other guy, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess ...

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