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Finally got my suitcase

United sent my suitcase to Philadelphia reasonably early yesterday. It got there at 12:22 PM. They said it'd be here between 4 and 7 PM. So why didn't it get to my hotel until 3 AM?

Some bright spark decided that driving it the 135 miles from Philadelphia to Scranton wasn't such a good idea. They'd fly it closer - or so they thought. They put it on a US Air commuter flight to State College, PA. Two problems: 1) State College is 156 miles from Scranton. 2) It didn't get on the early flight, which arrived about 3 PM; it waited till the last flight of the day, which arrived at 11 PM.

I thoight for a while that I was going to have to cancel out on the claasses I'm scheduled to give today, but at least I get to get that accomplished. I'm driving to Philadelphia after the classes are done...but the installation I was scheduled to do there got cancelled. I'm coming back in two weeks to do that.

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