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36 hours at home

I got home last night about 7:30. I'll leave again tomorrow about 6 AM. Whee. This is the 6th week out of 7 in a row I'll be gone, and I'll be gone the latter half of next week, too. Nothing further is planned, but that's subject to change. While I'm home, I get to catch up on paying bills, doing laundry, and the other mundane stuff that other folks get to do on a more normal, spread-out schedule.

I got to enjoy digging my rental car out of a foot and a half of snow earlier this week in NJ. I'd never had to do that before, and I didn't know just how hard work that would be. I hope I won't have to do that again.

There was more snow in the East this past week than there has been in Fairmont all winter...maybe all of the last two winters. It's green around here, ferchrisssakes. This is not my mental picture of Minnesota in February.

I'll be in Dallas next week. At least the weather will be sane there. I'll get to catch up with some old friends, too.

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