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Literary meme

Via altivo:

Name 5 fictitious worlds or places in which you would like to live. Give name of the place, if it has one, the title of a work in which the place appears, and the author of the work. Give preference to works of literature, rather than film or television plays.

Do the same for 5 fictitious worlds or places in which you would definitely not want to live.

I'd like to live in:
1) New Texas, from H. Beam Piper's Lone Star Planet
2) Freehold, from Michael Z. Williamson's novel of the same name
3) Luna City, from Robert A. Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

I would not like to live in:
1) Mega-City One, from the Judge Dredd series
2) New York City, as depicted in Harry Harrison's Make Room! Make Room!
3) Nouveau Paris, from David Weber's Honor Harrington universe
4) Earth under UN domination, from Larry Niven's Known Space series
5) New Texas, from Elizabeth Moon's Rules of Engagement

If you see common threads here, you're right: I'd much rather live in places where personal freedom is maximized and people are allowed to live their lives free of government interference, and my definition of hell is a place where there's no freedom, no economic prosperity, and far too many people. I racked my brain, but could only come up with three places in literature I've read that meet the former definition.

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