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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

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2232 - Yes, Photoshop CS3 works under Snow Leopard

I got a wild hair...and nuked everything Adobe, and everything named FlexLM (the licensing manager CS3 uses), from my machine. That got the installer to work to the point that it asked for my serial number, and that was enough.

I don't recommend doing this, because it''ll wipe out other things than Photoshop, and nuking FlexLM may break other applications. However, if you're desperate...

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You've gotta wonder what's going on with the guys who are in charge of licensing at Adobe. Maybe they've just given up and expect that everyone is going to pirate their software.

And it's really unfortunate that there isn't a worthy competitor out there as far as Mac compatible Photoshop-style software goes. I'd love a mac native version of PSP 8.

GIMP could be intensely awesome if it didn't have such a ass-backwards interface.

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