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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

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1955 - A sense of wonder

As you will see from the show's blog, I'm in LA today working with the folks from the Comedy Central TV show Tosh.0. We're shooting a Web Redemption segment. (If they can talk about it in a press release, I can darned sure mention it here.) It's supposed to air within the first few weeks of the new season of the show, starting October 8.

I was overcome with a sense of wonder: 14 professionals and a computer geek from Minnesota were there, doing something for a TV network, just because of that costume I made 5 years ago.

I don't know why I never really felt this while working on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but I'll take it. It was a fantastic feeling.

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Wow, I'm so darned impressed/pleased for you/envious every time you get the comedy world's ear as Tron Guy. You gots something that I (and several other comedians) would kill for. Not 100% sure what it is (but I could explain in vague terms), be proud of your comedic gift as it were.
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Please, give it a try. I'm not too sure about what it may be myself, beyond the fact that people ocasionally call me to ask me to do things, and it all seems a bit unreal at times.
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An upcoming "Web Redemption" segment will feature Tron Guy. In street clothes, Jay Maynard is just a pudgy, middle-aged computer programmer from Minnesota. But when Maynard pours himself into a frighteningly skin-tight unitard lined with glowing blue tubes, all of that changes and he becomes "Tron" Guy. Find out what happens when Tosh meets this uber "Tron" fan, made famous on the internet.

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