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Thursday, 8 October 2009

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0634 - I don't know what to think about this...

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I'm not sure if it is specifically Tron Guy, but instead the Tron "geek" as done by Scott Johnson from his 56 Geeks project:


You can see 3D-ized versions of "Rock" and "Potter" (and possibly "Cosplay") Geek in that video, and the Tron one bears more resemblance there (Of course, I'm pretty sure that the Tron "geek" drawing is based on Tron Guy, so it's twice removed).

I have no idea how that affects things legally. A not-deep search doesn't show any connection between Johnson and Cloudmach. Since the video suggests they can pull content from other 3D worlds, it may be that someone on Second Life made up each of those avatars (possibly w/ Johnson's permission) and Cloudmach pulled them (they certainly aren't worried about trademarks in that video with Sonic shilling for them).
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Yes, the Tron Geek is taken from me. I even own the original, having purchased it on eBay.

It's still quite recognizably me, and that's what counts.

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