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A major surprise

This week, I'm at the semiannual SHARE conference. SHARE is the user group for users of IBM's mainframe systems. It was founded in 1955; this is its 100th conference. The conferences are where the experts in IBM systems go to share their knowledge, and others come to learn.

I'd always wanted to go to SHARE when I was doing IBM systems for a living, but could never make it. It was only after I got involved with the Hercules project that I got to come, as a speaker as well as a regular attendee. This is my fifth one.

I got to the conference today just in time to pick up my backpack with stuff in it and my conference badge, and then sit down to listen to the keynote address. Before the keynote, they do some organizational stuff, and then present some awards. The first awards presented are for the best sessions at the previous conference, as reflected in the evaluations submitted by the people at the session. I normally sit there, and wait to see if someone I know has won one.

The third award started off with "This next speaker is not here..." as the presentation screens put up:

Session #2880
The Hercules 370, 390, and z/Architecture Emulator
Speaker: Jay Maynard

I was floored. I got up and started walking to the front of the hall in a bit of a daze, waving a couple of times to try to get their attention, and finally succeeded. They gave me a nice memo folder and a nice certificate. After the keynote, I got my picture taken with the president of SHARE, with the Warners showing prominently on my Animaniacs shirt. If the picture winds up online, I'll link it in my journal.

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