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Monday, 4 January 2010

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1237 - Me, a government job?

Yup. Still not doing anything that brings in a paycheck, so I'm applying for a census taker position. Yeah, I know... but it's a paycheck. At least it's a government job that actually does something not only authorized, but mandated, by the Constitution.

Apparently, they haven't gotten applications from many folks in this end of the state. I'm the only one signed up to take the employment test tomorrow, over in Worthington.

The test itself isn't all that difficult, but it's tricky. 28 questions in 30 minutes. I blasted through the sample test in 15:31 and aced it, but I did make sure to pay close attention to exact wordings and the like. It does seem reasonably calibrated to measure what's actually useful to a census taker.

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I'm planning on applying for one of these positions myself. Could you give me any heads up or advice on this process? It would be greatly appreciated.
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The process seems straightforward enough. Call the 800 number, feed it your ZIP code, give basic name and address info to the guy who answers the phone, pick a time to take the test, go take it.

The application form and I-9, as well as the sample test and other pamphlet info, are all on the Census website jobs page.

I do suggest you take the practice test so you know what you'll be dealing with; applicants are called up in order of test score, modified by veteran preference, in a given area.
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*blink* *blink*


A government job? I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you! :-)

Good luck in getting it, being jobless sucks.
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I worked for the Census in 2000. I really enjoyed it, I got to meet a ton of people from all walks of life and learned a lot about the region I live in along the way.
You should like it alot.

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