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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

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2009 - Got that done...

I went over to Worthington to take the census taker employment test. Whee.

The two ladies were surprised I drove 60 miles to take the test. They were surprised that there was no test in Fairmont. They went through the routine of how to take the test and what the job would involve, and then gave me the test.

They were surprised when I was done in 19 of the allotted 30 minutes, but I'd already checked my answers over, and they were all good, so I didn't see any point in waiting. They got another surprise. The test is one of those where you color in a circle to select your answer, and they use a punched-hole sheet answer key. The lady who first looked at it did a double take, made sure it was lined up right, then showed it to the other lady. I'd gotten all 28 questions right. They told me that mine was the first test they'd graded that had no wrong answers.

So now I'm back to waiting. They tell me that they'll call me if I'm selected. I'm pretty much expecting to be, since they select in order of test score (modified by veteran's preference), as long as language and work schedule needs are met. Since I told them I'd be available 7 days a week, that's not an issue.The job is temporary, and can end at any time due to lack of work, but it's still a paycheck.

The test itself wasn't hard, but it was extremely exacting. My advice for those looking to take it is to read the question and answers very carefully and pay close attention to the tiniest details.

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Nicely done. Good luck with the selection.
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Surprised that you were the only one with a 100% score, if it was anything like the sample test that you posted earlier, it seems quite easy, the SAT it ain't. (However, I would agree that it does seem to require concentration, but by no means is a score of at least 27/30 doable).

And good on ya for being a census taker. From what I see on the net, several of your fellow citizens (mostly the foam-at-the-mouth Republicans) are saying that they will do everything in their power to keep the government from finding out its illegal questions. *rolleyes*. (The foam-at-the-mouth Democrats are just saying that they'll only say how many people are in the house, as per what the Constitution requires, and nothing else. Just as wrong there (though I don't think *everything* the government requires from the Census stems from the constitutional requirements.)

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