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Heading home, again

Back to Minnesota later today. The flight leaves DFW at 11:35, and I get to MSP just before 6, which will put me back home about 9. This time, I get to stay for 4 whole days before heading out again, and nothing further is definitely planned...which means, after I get back, that I might get to stay there for a week.

I finally had enough of Opera 5 BSODing my laptop, and deleted it permanently. The last straw was that it did it while I was downloading Opera 7 to try out; before that, another BSOD corrupted the user registration file, and so Opera decided it wasn't registered any more. I decided it was trying to tell me something. I've installed Mozilla on that laptop, but don't expect to use it much, since...

My new Powerbook is on its way. I expect it to arrive Monday. According to the FedEx tracking information, it left Taiwan this morning, on its way to Indianapolis.

SHARE was enjoyable. The two presentations I gave Thursday went pretty well, although the vendor presentation - which wound up getting rescheduled to 8 AM due to a conflict - had only 3 people there, including me and the session chair (sort of a moderator for the session). Both the chair and the one guy who wandered in looking for something else and stuck around were interested in the product when they left, though. They also have WiFi access for conference attendees for free at the hotel, which I made much use of. (That's a major reason I bought the wireless card for the Powerbook.)

On the other hand, I must have a weather jinx or something: the first time I get to Texas in several months, and Dallas has its annual ice storm. I wound up not getting to see any friends I'd wanted to this trip.

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