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Where have I been?

I've been:

  • Working for the Census Bureau. This takes up a lot more time than I would have thought.
  • Getting a new vehicle in shape, for fucking Ford product fine example of American automotive engineering values of "in shape". It's a 1989 Bronco II with 205K miles on it. Bleh. Its main redeeming virtue was that I could buy it for cheap; after sinking about $2K into it, all told, it seems to be mechanically sound. I'm hoping it lasts me a year.
  • Went to Frankfurt for the premiere of a new documentary I'm in. Short trip, but enjoyable. I wish I could have seen more of the place than I did, though.
  • Still fighting financial catastrophes from the Great Dempression.

No, I haven't dried up and blown away, no matter how much it may look like it.

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