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Monday, 7 June 2010

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1123 - The Ford's going away...

Anyone who knows me much of any at all will know that I'm not a fan of the Ford Motor Company or its products. Hell, I'd have been happy to see them go into bankruptcy, instead of the other American auto manufacturers.

Even so, I've been driving a 1989 Bronco II for the past 3 months or so. I haven't been wild about it, but it has at least run well after I put some money into repairs. Everything on the truck works. Even so, it's just not a very good road vehicle. You feel every bump, every jolt. This makes a long drive less pleasant than it should be.

I finally got tired of that, and went out and bought a 1995 Chevrolet Blazer. This one's a 4x4, 4 door version. Looks ratty, has about the same miles on it as the Bronco (206K or so), but much more nicely equipped and quieter, with a somewhat softer, more stable ride. vakkotaur commented on the test drive that he wished we'd had that on the trip to Penguicon. I agree.

More repair bills are coming, but I think I can get it in the same kind of shape the Bronco is fairly inexpensively. The air conditioner didn't work, but two cans of R-134a fixed that. The rest is minor.

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I know you are/used to be a Toyota booster, so was somewhat surprised you bought a Chevy. Maybe I missed a blog post or two, but has the recent news from Toyota turned you off them, or are you still a Toyota fan and the Chevy was just more convenient (and cheaper) to buy?
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I'm still a Toyota fan. I just couldn't find a Toyota SUV I could afford.
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Chevy vehicles have always had a much squishier ride with their shocks. If that is good or bad is a matter of opinion. Personally, after driving a few Ford products and a few GM products, I'm perfectly happy with my Chrysler products, and they're far less in debt to the government. As far as GM products I've used and driven go... Alternators or them tend to go out quite often. Lots of issues with their vacuum systems and vacuum manifolds randomly vibrating loose. I've had lots of issues with starters, and lots of issues with them spontaneously leaking oil...

My dodge products haven't had any problems that weren't my own fault due to maintenance, or the fault (I had no idea on how to keep the radiator topped out when I was 16, and I really should have replaced that timing belt at 100,000 miles) of mechanic shops that don't understand them (They keep trying to put Dexron ATF into my car that requires Mopar ATF+4.)

That said, I've been looking at Nissan products recently. At least until Chrysler pays the government back. I don't mind a company owned by the Unions and foreign companies as long as it's not tax-payer funded.

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