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Public employee thug assaults college student

As reported by the Big Government blog:

A left-wing thug assaulted a couple of college students whose only offense was to point a video camera at him while asking if he supported the Obama agenda.

The only difference from the usual is that this thug wasn't wearing a purple SEIU T-shirt. He was wearing a business suit. That's because he's Representative Bob Etheridge, D-NC. He had just left an event headlined by Nancy Pelosi.

It was a legitimate question, and one the public had a right to know the answer to. He was on a public street. A video camera is certainly not a deadly weapon - except, in this case, possibly to his career. He had no right, and no cause, to do what he did.

Imagine the reaction if, say, Michelle Bachmann had done that. Will we see this story in the MSM? Ha! They're not about to embarrass someone on the left if they can possibly help it.

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