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The Triumph of Cowardice

I spotted this article in nonethewiser's journal, which she found in yakkette's. I tried to read it. I really did. Even after the first paragraph, which claimed that "most Americans were so sickened by war-making that they chose to abandon the ill-conceived war in Vietnam". This wasn't the case; most Americans weren't sickened by war-making (if we were, we wouldn't have gone to war since then, and we have - quite successfully), but rather the specific war in Vietnam. When one reasons from false premises, one cannot help but reach false conclusions.

I got as far as "the ultra-right wing and human rights-insensitive proclivities of the Bush administration" before I couldn't take any more. The Bush administration is "ultra-right wing" only to those on the left of the political spectrum.

The whole anti-war argument boils down to one of cowardice: it's easier and safer to let Saddam Hussein stay in power and threaten the world than it is to go in and root him out. Bah. Cowardice never, ever results in the desired end. One need only consider the lessons of 1939 to understand that. Why is it the left is incapable of learning from history?

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