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Productive afternoon

I changed the oil in the Blazer this afternoon. Yay.

While i was waiting for it to drain, I stopped to think about the last time I did an oil change in a road vehicle. The best I could come up with was something around 25 years. Ever since the rise of Jiffy Lube and the like, it was worth it to me to have someone else do it. Well, not this time.

The other thing I accomplished was to replace the rear speakers in the doors. I'd pulled one panel off to see if I could find a noise, and while I was there, I got curious and pulled out the meter. Sure enough, there was no sound coming out of that speaker because it was open. So I took a quick trip to the local car sound store and spent $100 on a pair of Alpine speakers, yay. Got those installed, too. Might get industrious in a few days to see why the front driver's side speakers are dead too.

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