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Roadtrippus contiunus

Got the ignition switch replaced yesterday morning, finally. I'd disassembled the under-dash panels and the steering column covers, only to discover that the switch itself is held in by two E4 Torx screws. Not T4, E4.

The normal Torx screw has a recess that accepts the tip of a Torx driver. An E-series Torx screw has the gender reversed: the screw has the male part, and you need a socket to fit it. They're damned rare; I'd never heard of such a thing, let alone seen one, until I started on this job.

I thought I was going to have to spend $51 for a set of them, but I got lucky. The local NAPA auto parts store had just the E4 socket I needed for $5.

I got the switch done and the truck back together too late to get where I was going yesterday, so I stayed here one more night, and am about to hit the road.

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