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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

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1500 - Yeah, right...

A Slashdot story claims only 39% of people curse at their computers.


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Yeaah. I claim bullshit too. Granted, since moving to Linux, I curse at my computer less. Still, I have an expletive to share with it when things dont work during a point I need it most.
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The question is a little indistinct.

Is it:

(a) cursing at the computer, qua computer? or
(b) cursing at something you're seeing on the computer, such as the result of the Georgetown-Syracuse game?
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I don't curse at my computer.

I flip it the bird somewhat often though.
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I am part of that 39% lol
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... I didn't know 61% of people owned Macs ...

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