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Friday, 21 March 2003

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0704 - Bad sportsmanship

While doing my usual morning review of the state of the world, I ran across this story in CNN-SI: Montreal sports fans booed the US national anthem at the start of a game between the Canadiens and the New York Islanders.

Cmon, folks. It's a frigging hockey game. It's not a forum for protest.

We, as a country, should remember who our friends are, and who deserted us when we needed help. We now know (as if we didn't before) what Canada and its people really think of us. We should act accordingly, especially in making personal decisions about buying and traveling.

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To be fair:

Montrealers will boo their own national anthem. Montrealers will boo *anything*.
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jackass fans

This goes to prove more to me that "Sports fans suck" more than anything. Also, since when is a collection of said fans in Montreal representative of the whole of Canada?

I see no reason for me to turn a cold shoulder to Canada, especially since "It's a frigging hockey game." I don't see how sportsmanship would enter into it here.

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