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Friday, 21 March 2003

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1133 - Nokia says the cat ad isn't theirs

A friend who works for Nokia forwarded

Nokia disassociates itself from the cruel ad with a cat suffering

March 19, 2003, 09:42

ESPOO, Finland. -- During the past couple of days there has been fuss
around an alleged Nokia 3650 advertisement being distributed on the
Internet with a cat being mistreated. "We are aware of video material but
it has not been used in our advertising, and is not an official Nokia
advertisement," emphasizes Kari Tuutti, VP of NMP Communications.

According to Kari, an external party had proposed the offending footage to
Nokia. "We categorically rejected it as it neither complies with the
ethical standards of Nokia, nor reflects the policies and principles of our

Kari is sorry about the discomfort and concern that the circulation of the
material may have caused. "While the external creators who have created the
material have assured us that trick photography was used and no animal was
harmed, this does not detract from the distasteful nature of the content.
This is the kind of sick sense of humor which we absolutely do not want
ourselves to be associated with."

He says that Nokia is now investigating how the material was released into
the public domain. "Based on this, we will take appropriate actions,
including legal action, if necessary," he says.

Thought folks here mihgt be interested to see their answer.

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