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Wednesday, 26 March 2003

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2300 - A bit of hardware hacking

In January, I bought a Marconi IFR 2966A radio service monitor off of eBay. The big reason I got it as cheap as I did ($1500 or so, not the $3000 it was probably worth) was that the internal CRT didn't work. Since it worked on an external display, I wasn't too worried.

Today, I finally got the service manuals for the thing. $400 got me two thick binders of service documentation, plus a copy of the operator's manual. I finally found out how to remove the CRT assembly, and promptly did so (with only a moderate amount of cussing). Once it was out, a bit of looking showed me the problem: some idiot had ham-handedly gotten into the box before I got it (which I knew because of the condition of the front panel), and in the process, broke a power supply wire to the CRT.

A quick solder joint, some heatshrink tubing, and a reassembly later...and it worked just fine. I've now got a very nice piece of radio test gear for $2000, and it's probably worth half again that much. Not bad for a couple of hours' work.

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