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Wednesday, 2 April 2003

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0753 - Andy Rooney on France and Iraq

Check out Andy Rooney's comments on French opposition to the war with Iraq, from 60 Minutes on 16 February. If you've got RealPlayer installed, make sure to watch the video.

I'm no fan of 60 Minutes, but Rooney got this one right.

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Andy Rooney's comments on the French are (with all due respect) stupid beyond belief.

This is the same French that made sure America came into being during the War of Independance against the British.

Without the support of the French who stood against not only Britian but the rest of Europe in the support of the new found American citizens Mr Rooney would still be a subjuigate of Her Majesty, something he should think about before j'acuse'ing the French again.
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The French bailed us out once. We've bailed the French out three times in the past century alone, all three at nontrivial cost in lives, and once in nontrivial cost to our national well-being. I'd say the original debt has been more than repaid.
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Andy Rooney Footnote

Rooney got his start covering the ETO for The Stars and Stripes, the US soldiers' newspaper, during World War II, which may colour his opinions somewhat.

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